Welcome to conduit lighting, conduit lighting offers pre-cut conduit designs. Conduit layouts are designed, constructed and delivered in kit form. Call or email to discuss your favorite design from the website and metal finish or alterations to suit your project.

Email info@conduitlighting.co.uk or if you prefer a human phone 01883337628 because we want your business.

We offer different metal finishes based on a site assembled kit design. Along with an increasing amount of related product. Therefore it’s a one stop for conduit lighting.

Bespoke options handled by our in-house product designer or electrical engineer professionals. Free design service for conduit purchased from us. Normal conduit orders start from £1000.

Conduit lighting is a company managed under the Moth Lighting umbrella and unique products branded as Swoosh factory.

Conduit Kits

Conduit lighting kits are made for single or modular installations. The designs can be used into new and existing interiors. The overall dimensions can be adjusted to fit. All the conduit layout do not need saddles, fixing is made through the conduit boxes.


Conduit lighting offer electrical conduit finished in Brass, Antique Brass and Copper.

Conduit lighting is owned by Stuart Moth who is a lighting and product designer with more than 20 years in the business. His contribution to lighting interiors in the UK and around the world show artistic and creative flare.

Finishes – 

Conduit lighting can supply conduit accessories to fit together, including lighting and sockets.

On this site you will find several conduit layouts for interiors. The conduit and products are available in most metal finishes, so lots of choice. Our blog will show completed projects.

Thank you and I look forward to your response,


Conduit lighting product images