How to order what I need?

Contact Conduit lighting with a sketch or list and the type of finish you require and we will take it from there.

Whats the lead time?

Conduit lead time depends on stock levels, most of the time there will be an accsessorie we are short of. Conduit pipe is kept at good stock levels.

What conduit accessories do you have?

Conduit lighting can provide any conduit accesserie required in the finish you want for your project.

How long is the conduit?

Conduit is provided in 1875mm lengths to help with shipping and most designs to prevent waste.

Do you have sockets and switches?

Conduit lighting can provide metal clad sockets and switches. If its not on the site let us know what you need. This could be a single, tripple or switched spur.

Can you provide other lighting to match?

Conduit lighting can provide and retro fit most lighting to work with the conduit pipe and conduit boxes.

Do you delivery out side of the UK?

We are happy to send to most place in the globe, please contact us to work out a shipping methode

Can you design conduit for my interior?

Conduit lighting can provided a design service with sketched or CAD drawings on a project by project bases,

Can you bend the conduit?

You can bend the conduit on site if required, for best results a good machine and cloth to avoide scatches, there will be visual stetch marks but these a minimal.